Temporary Mirage 12000 BTU AC unit for summer comfort

This Mirage unit is a one ton AC unit made here in Mexico.
It is a 12000 BTU unit and the same size as the Mermaid Marine Air 12000 BTU unit we have for cooling the salon. It is not working. Mermaid Marine Air said they will fix it for free and take care of all the shipping if we can get it to the USA. With our new to us VW Jetta we can now motor it up to the states and ship it off for repair. In the mean time this unit will keep the salon cool. At present it keeps the whole boat cool. Come the summer months we will also need to run the Mermaid Marine Air 5200 BTU unit that we have for cooling the stateroom and head area. It runs great and has since we left the USA.

OK now we need to put it on a hatch. For us we need it to cool the salon.
We luckily have to big 20x20 hatches and because we hang on the port side of the salon the Mirage unit will be put in the starboard hatch. The bad news is the hatch is close to where the deck drops off to the stateroom coach deck which makes it a bit difficult to configure.
We did get it mounted and up and running.
We took the plastic vent grate from the Mermaid Marine Air unit and some hose and taped it to the Mirage unit. This way we can direct the air any way we wish. But more importantly the hot air that rises does not get mixed up with the cold air that is coming out of the unit.
This is just a temporarily set up because we remove it to go sailing and stow it on deck, which is a real pain!
This does work good for keeping us comfy. Also on a noisy night we can close the boat up and turn on the air and it is cool and quiet inside the boat, s\v Elegantsea.  

This looks a little Gorky but it works. The plywood is sitting on two fenders. There is also two 1x1 pieces of wood to tilt the Mirage to port for water drainage.

Our dock mates told us to use some windshield sun protectors to make the shroud to vent the ac air inside the boat. The hatch makes the top rigid part of the shroud. That's what we did, it took two windshield covers to make the shroud. It is insulation and |Debbie made the shroud by taping the cut pieces to form the shroud\scoop.
This ac unit is on a Catalina. He says it does not keep the boat cool in the summer. It does help in the spring.

This is on another boat and the same thing applies. It helps in the winter and spring but does not keep the boat cool in the hot summer months, the owner said.

Anniversary dock party at Marina Mazatlán

Joe and Fran on s\v Yancy went to the sausage man
and picked up a bunch of really good sausage for the barbecue.
This sausage shop in located in old town Mazatlán.

Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

Pebbles, one of two.
Rita and Darryl on s/v Overheated.
Joe and Fran on s\v Yancy...John at the grill. It is their 50th
wedding anniversary - cause for celebration!
Roy (standing) on s/v Saucy Lady, Wally (in gold shirt) on s/v Andanza        
and Jim (seated in white shirt) on s/v Galapagos
Chip at our dock box\table.
Yummy, great pot luck. Debbie made her famous deviled eggs!
Debbie's deviled eggs in the foreground.
Go Joe!
and Scooter. These dogs are well behaved and quiet.
Eating up and not by bugs!
Joe and Fran.
Roy getting the champagne ready for the anniversary toast! 
Debbie playing "The Aniversity Waltze" on the flute.

Mazatlan now has a VIP movie theater and right by us!

This mall, Galerias Mazatlan is by Marina Mazatlán and we can walk to it.
The movies Cinemex also has regular movies other than the VIP ones but we have gone just to the VIP ones lately. The VIP ones are called Platino.
When we sailed down to Acapulco we went to the VIP movies there and this is just as nice!
Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

A bar to the left. You get your ticket in the middle at the booth where you pick you seats out.
Pastries and coffee shop on the right.
And lets not forget the price. Two for one on Tuesday! So for 70 pesos or about $3.50 for the two for us. Also about 150 more pesos for snacks or about $7.00. So for about $10.00 USD  we both got to go to the VIP movies with snacks!   
Movie theaters.
Lounge area.
You can get half kettle corn and half pop corn if you like. No butter in any of the movie theaters here in Mexico for popcorn that we have been to.
Debbie at the goodies counter.

And we have a movie card so sometimes we get free snacks!
Seating is great. Two leather reclining love seats with a table and swing glass shelf. A button to call the waitress\waiter and there are blankets for the asking.
Getting set for our movie. We saw ''The Fate of the Furious (2017)'' or ''F8''
We went at 2pm so there were only a few couple there with us.
Putting my sandals back on after the show.

Stern cam cleat to bimini wiring sorted and covered for protection

We put sun protection over the wiring that goes from the stern cam cleat and then up and over the bimini - looking good now and all sorted out too. Beauty and function!

Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We separated out the wires and then put them together in logical bundles.
There are two wires for each solar panel on the bimini so six wires there.
(We have another solar panel on the dodger top for a total of 485 watts.)
We had the ICOM SSB ICom 802 HF Marine Transceiver
antena (for return emergency calls) down for clean up also.
Making progress. We have wires for the davit winch and two antennas on top of the dodger.
Also two wires to the stern light on top of the davits and wires for the LED spot light and remote control for it on top of the binimi.
We are removing the rubber gaskets to replace them
with silicone in clam cleats for the wires.
One cam cleat is for all those wires and one Air Breeze wind generator. When the gaskets get wet they drool black down the back of the stern getting it all messy looking. I just touched it with my hand and you can see the black it spreads.
Rubber gasket.

Ok cut off gasket.
Now to replace it with silicone.
Replaced the black rubber gasket and now
will fill in around the wires to keep most of the water out.

Ok all done. Now to trim off the excess silicone.

Looks good and also organized or maybe cause I just know the wires are.