Picked up an order from Downwind Marine - stak pack clips deck puls

Middle of September 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico
 House sitting in San Marcos,Ca.

 We stopped at Downwind Marine to pick up an order we had and to return some chocks that we have had about a year. We saw some old friends and all was well. We also stopped at Marine Exchange and West Marine and saw some old friends from days of outfitting our boat.

The SS clips will be holding up our sack pack
instead of the old bronze ones we have.
These are for our floor boards. We had to replace a few because they broke. That was because they were screwed in and also glued. The glue got around the hinges and that is what made they break. We have replaced 2-3 already.

New shoes in the US

 Middle of September 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 House sitting in San Marcos.ca.

 While in the US and now after getting my new hip I can now walk. And now we are doing a lot of walking. The shoes or sandals, flip flops etc both Debbie and I had from our trip down to Mexico are wearing out. It has been about four years and they were not new then. To purchase shoes in Mexico is hard for me. I take a size 11 and they just do not stock a size 11. To get that size we would need to shop at an expensive department store in Mexico like the Liverpool Department Store.

 The first new pair of shoes I got was a pair of Teva sandals. They are working out good. Then we picked up a pair of Dockes fip-flops marked way down at Kohl’s . Then the other day we stopped day we stopped at Westmarine to look around and see some old friends and there were some Crocs marked way down about three times so I got two pair. I always wanted to try them and so far I am liking them. I can even wear them like clogs which I tried with other shoes, I guess clogs but could never liked them. These though, no problem.  Now there are still a couple few pairs I need.
  • A pair of sandals that protect the toes and foot for sail handling up on deck and hiking.
  • A pair of lace up sneakers for long walks and nights on watch to keep my feet warm. Yes in Mexico it does get cold out at sea doing over--night-ers.










Ocenside pier and beach walk

Beginning of September  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

We are currently house sitting in San Marcos CA. We just had to get to the ocean again so decided to take the transit systems' "Sprinter", inland cousin to the "Coaster".

The "Sprinter Station" in San Marcos.

This station is by "Palomar College".

It cost me $1.00 each way because I am old.
Debbie is a youngin so it was more for her ($2).

Debbie picking our seats. The "Sprinter" took about 40 min to get to the beach.
About all the parking at the beach is metered so we saved on that also.

Oceanside Station, where it ends.

A walk to the beach and you can see the picnic tables
where we had our picnic lunch; the Oceanside Pier is in the background.

Looking south and at the stairs we took to get down to the beach.

Out on the Oceanside Pier looking towards the beach south.

Out on the Oceanside Pier looking towards the beach south.

There is a bait shop that rents rods etc on the pier.
No fishing license required to fish off the pier.

This sail boat is coming out from Oceanside Harbor which is not always the easiest harbor to get in and out of. I have sailed there and know for a fact :)

Our selfie.

Some people fishing and looking North

Looking towards Oceanside Harbor.

Ruby's Diner to the left and heading back to shore.

Looking out at the Oceanside Pier.

And then we took the "Sprinter" home - good fun and exercise!

San Marcos house sitting by way of Carlsbad beach

End of August  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

Once in San Diego County, we just HAD to get to the beach (1 day in three months is just not enough for these water babies!!). Since our motel was in Carlsbad, we went over to Carlsbad State Beach for dinner and a walk. At evening glass-off, it was a little chilly for us hence the jackets! First beach walk with Chip's new hip!!

Getting towards "Glass-off-Time" so it was cool!

What a lovely couple!

Not the "Bates Motel" but not the "Hilton" either.

Got us a place to stay by the beach.

Hip surgery incision

End of August  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

The day we left our house sit in Chatsworth, California we stopped by my surgeon's (Dr Hernandez) office and saw Phu Phan (his Physician’s assistant) who checked out my hip. I was ready to suck it up for staple removal but when he removed the bandage he said they would just melt away, the stitches...no staples. Everything is good and now I can be done with the sponge baths! It is now just a matter of time till I am back to walking normally!
Got this done at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute. This is supported by the VA (Veterans Affairs ) "Choice Program".

So this about does it for my hip-replacement saga.

Chatsworth house sit is over...now on to San Marcos - San Diego area

End of August  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico
While we were in Chatsworth, California I got my new hip (major surgery) and did my post-op and got a clip at Cali Cuts!  What 18 days in Chatsworth can do for a body!
 OK I know this is not sailing. This is and has been about my need for a new hip and how it has taken place. So if you are cruising the "Mexican Rivera" and find out you need a hip or some other major body part fixed then this may help. We had just retired and I was very healthy so this hip thing was a total surprise. It has been a long story and a few years cruising without a hip but now that is over as my new hip is in place..  
Our car at the house in Chatsworth.

Debbie making "Lime Squares" with the fresh limes in the backyard.

Harley, brown lab.

Sam, yellow lab.

Chip gets the "ball" rolling for play outside with the labs!

Debbie and Grandson David playing with the labs.

That was the end to our Chatsworth sit and then we went to the San Diego

Hip post-op walk

Middle of August  2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico
House sitting in Chatsworth ca.

Here it is - the infamous “post-op walk”. Yes, I am limping but that is because my right leg still hurts, not because it is short. Besides, I may be trained to limp after 3 years needing a hip replacement.

My surgery was on Monday, August 15th and am walking without a walker today, the 18th…which is just three days later. I was walking on the same day I got operated on with the walker but was medicated up too bad to last long. Since then I have been walking half way around the city block we are living on with the walker. But now I am walking completely without the walker. I am still on medication for pain and am a bit off balance so I keep the walker nearby. To go out and part way around the block I am still using the walker to keep up with my wife who is walking the dogs we are house sitting with. YAY!! All is good and constantly getting better! The white socks are to prevent blood clots.