Bimini supports for solar panels are getting a couple more braces.

s\v Elegant'sea is getting a couple of new bimini solar panel support braces.
This solar support mounting system has worked well in rough seas and high winds while sailing and heeling over. Still, it can never be strong enough in our minds.
We noticed a section that without the solar panels on the brackets, the supports can move a bit. Last summer we removed the solar panels and cleaned up the mounts and put in new fasteners in the clamps. After about six years it seemed time and it was, as some of the fasteners were hard to remove. That's when we noticed some movement.  The solar panels should not be the ones supporting the mounts because if a solar panel plastic mount breaks then that could compromise the system.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
They are plastic clamps after all, strong but still. So we are adding two more SS supports to the system.

Solar panel plastic mount.
The tools.
Little by little we have been getting the SS end caps and joints welded on so they do not loosen and slip.
Here we will add the other support.
 We needed a few more SS fitting and Andrew on s\v Windsong gave us a bag of his old fittings to pick from.
Holy cow, what a score!  We get to shop the bag 😈

Two curtain rod holders needed re-fastening with new holes

The curtain rod holders for a couple of curtains fell out. This new piece of teak will add a new place for the screw holes as the old ones are wore out. This is for the port stern window in the galley. It looks out over the galley.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico 
We had some old teak and grabbed a small piece. We then shaped it to the same size as the curtain rod holder. Then we drilled a hole through the center for the mopunting
Getting to be a limited choice of drill bits, time for some new ones.
We mounted the teak with 3M 5200 and then I drilled a hole and mounted the curtain rod holder. It has to be in the exact location to hold the rod. The teak split because I was in a hurry. Why was I in a hurry? Good question 😓 I should have waited over night for the 3M 5200 to set up. Ok no problem the screw holds fine. The next day after the 3M 5200 had cured we drilled the other two holes and finished off the mounting without any splitting.
All done and pretty. This end of the curtain sticks out a bit more because of the teak piece of wood but it is not noticiable. Some day we may need to replace the other end also so then it would be even. You cannot tell until I mentioned it to you that it is a bit out on this end.
Looks good and after 30 plus years a rod hole can wear out. s\v Elegant'sea  is a 1978 boat after all.
Curtain and rod and holders all look good on the aft galley to cockpit widow!
This rod holder is on the port side in the middle of the salon windows.
There are three big windows on each side of the salon.
As you can see we used wire ties to hold on the rod.
Debbie put 3M 5200 in the holes and then re-screwed in the screws.
We left the wire ties on for now to hold it in place.

This spot is where I grab the hand rail when we are in rough seas after entering the salon from the cockpit. There is a good enough distance from curtian rod to teak hand rail in calm seas but in rough seas I sometimes hit the rod, grabbing for the hand rail. The three little screws are not much to hold it in. Also to wash the curtains one or twice a year we need to remove a rod holder to get out the curtains. So the screw holes wear out.  

Bimini shade needed a couple of groments, Debbie to the rescue

Debbie is putting on groments with our canvas tools. We wanted to add two, one for each side of the stern 90 percent Phifertex shade that zips in the middle.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
New gromunt in 90 percent Phifertex.
At present we only need one side up and the bottom end flaps in the breeze. No more with the handy dandy groment Debbie added!

Shadetree boat awning systems - reconfiguring with fasteners

Debbie and I picked an empty store front at Marina Mazatlán to work on our Shadetree boat awnings. They are not used as Shadetree boat awning systems anymore. The poles kept breaking and they took too long to set up. They did not hold up in windy conditions as well as how we are using them now. We have set them up not using the poles that come with them. We drape the stern one over the boom after we take the sail off for summer storage. For the bow we use our whisker pole and run it from the mast to the jib and drape over the forward Shadetree. The forward one is quick and easy to set up at anchor and that shades the hatches in the head and the stateroom. Good for napping without the sun coming in!

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We were where the red arrow is pointing. Find the red arrow😏
We had made connection pieces for the space by the mast.
On each side of the mast the shade from the Shadetree did not cover that space and the sun and wind and rain would of course come in. The sun would find its way into the salon hatches. We made pieces of fabric to cover that area. We used snaps to attach them to the Shadetree parts. Last summer was the first summer we were not on the boat as we were away getting my new hip. We had reports from the people watching the boat that the snaps would come disconnected  in some places on high wind days. So we are installing twist fasteners in between the snaps and that will solve that.
Nice shade.
Installing a twist fastener.
Installing a twist fastener female side.
Wacked my thumb.
I am 70 years old and thought that whacking my thumb
with a hammer was over but obviously not!
Ouch! Lucky that it does not need drilling and it hasn't fallen off, yet.
Meanwhile some laborers were loading some tables and chairs on a pick up from restaurant/bar Marina Mia (there was a prize fight televised a couple of nights before which drew a big crowd) and they overloaded the truck. The load became unstable and were having trouble so I went over and helped.
They are building a Best Western Hotel in the next lot over and some laborers there were at the chain link fence getting break snaks for the tienda nears us, watching on 😃
One of the laborers tried to attach the back brace once we got the load stabilized by pounding it in with a rock, kids 😄, that was not happening so I went over and grabbed our fastener hammer. It made quick work of that. Now back to work on our project.
Getting ready to pack it up.
We also added twist fasteners to the forward section of the Shadetree.
These will hold the new fabric that Debbie is going to make to cover up to the end of the bow pulpit.
This fabric will help keep the birds from sitting on the end of the whisker pole where it is not covered and pooping on the deck. More importantly it will keep the sun and rain off the furler and the deck and into the anchor locker. We do cover the fuller anyway and the running lights.

m/y Gladiatore visits s\v Elegant'sea

m/y Gladiatorea, the 120 foot yacht, arrived at our dock. Can you see s\v Elegant'sea? Look for the Air Breeze wind generator.😃 Another big power boat had just left who was here for a few days. This yacht will be here for 10 days although they just left again for somewhere unknown.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
m/y Gladiatore's location.  Lifestyles of the rich and famous!

Breakfast-lunch place in Mazatlan with laundry on the side

This is Galletitas which means cookies! It is a fun place with a good breakfast and lunch.
We have had some of both. They,like most meals in these small ramada-type restaurants, have food that is home-cooked here on the spot. The lady who runs the place works with her friend and sometimes her daughter works there. Her daughter goes to college. 

Beginning of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 Debbie at the counter.
Taxi passing some housing across the street. 
Looking down the road towards Soriana where we shop at times.
We also drop off our laundry next door here so we can have breakfast and drop off laundry at the same time. Or lunch and pick up the laundry 😄
We are in the Pancho Villa neighborhood.

Galley light gets rebuilt with red LED's for night passages

This Imtra light Debbie is working on has a bad circuit board.
We replaced it with a red LED hacked from another extra plastic accent light.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
This is a plastic accent light under our stairs.
We had an extra one with a red bulb. Well it has three LED-like bulbs in it.
We took the accent light apart and robbed the red LED
bulbs from it and put it in the Imtra light.
We wanted another light over here (red) for night time passages anyway. We had to grind down the plastic covering on the courtesy light LED circuit housing to get it to fit the Imtra. We used the Dremmel for this with a round sandpaper. Then Debbie used 3M 5200 to secure it in. A day later we mounted it back up.
Wala! We have a working red LED Imtra light again, or a modified version of the Imtra.